World of Orthodox Christian spirituality XXXIX

The way, the truth, the life.

Hi there, and greetings to everyone seeking and hoping to find the true meaning of life, those sick and tired of this poisonous world whose soul and spirit are bleeding, and of the emptyness and futility of this materialistic civilisation.

Welcome to our radio show-The way, The truth, the Life. Welcome to our world of supreme love and immortality, where all human hopes are fulfilled.

Welcome to the world of Orthodox Cristian spirituality, a world now unkown to the West which once had the key , but lost it a long time ago, the key that has an answer to every question.

My name is monk Arseniye Yovanovich, I live in the monastery of Ostrog, Monte Negro.

It is never to easy to talk on spiritual issues, especially when it has to be in foreign language, which is English to me. I apologize in advance for possible mistakes. However, I believe God will help me to say the word and you to understand it. So, let us embark on our waves.

Thank you for listening Radio Svetigora, the radio station of the Serbian Orthodox Church, Diocese of Monte Negro and the Seaside, blessed by His high eminence Metropolitan Amfilohiye.